Love is in the air? part two.... ( Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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Love is in the air? part two.... ( Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Love is in the air? part two.... ( Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

Post by minstrelofmyths on Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:59 am

He awoke.... although that is not the exact description of what happened. It was more slowly as if becoming aware of his surrounding environment, for the dead do not dream. It carried not the blackness of sleep, purely a swirling blue glow of the underside of his eyelids, no imagery,nor sound, or sense of touch, coldness began to surround him. At first came the slow dawning of sounds, the pyres crackling, wood planks adjusting and settling, a heart beat that was not his own that beat, it was that of a living heart, and breath in very close proximity. Although having dulled senses in a few respects others were more sensitive, such as sound. The taste in his mouth was horrendous, for one that continued on a diet of blood to fuel himself, and taste buds that could not differentiate from bitter and sweet as they once had said volumes of the flavor that remained within his mouth, one word came to mind, it tasted like burnt.  As his gaze opened it was surrounded in Clefthoof fur that clung to his face due to the frigidity he was beginning to produce. In a way the cold was like a reflex, having carried the presence so long he just switched to it. The blue glowing gaze slowly looked down over his cheek bones, at the individual. Who was this? Soft feminine features set on a young face, strong brow, dainty tusks, dreaming under curtained eyelids as the breathing continued even and as if in peaceful slumber. Why would he want to disturb that even if he had no idea or memory of who this was? He made no motion to move as there was an individual on his torso, his unarmored torso, his unclothed torso, while his arms were draped over her spine in almost a protective embrace. For him, even though he had no recall of color, or laughter, or anything from the hours before it was something, that he was taking advantage of that moment of something more that he was lingering in.

That moment was suddenly broken with a screeching.  "Somabeech, chur freezing ma' titties! "

He was struck to the face with a hard slap he didn't really feel just the light jarring sensation from the impact. He was left blinking, still confused as to how he arrived in the here and now in the first place.  " My apologies...  I didn't intend----" He was going to speak further to make amends but he was interrupted.

" Leh go! Loa, dammit! " The nameless female smacked him again, pushing at him, trying to get away, while holding her chest covered with one arm.

It slowly dawned on him he was still holding to her as she was literally fighting to get away. A slow delay as both arms lifted high above his head in surrender. " I let go. You can stop hitting me. " He announced soundly, so she was made aware.

The female was rolling off him, the sound of flesh pulling from his own frost covered skin was indication enough that he had made the female uncomfortable. He wasn't at full frigidity either, just enough that it caused this reaction. He was watching her rush to the heap of clothing on the other side of the room, muttering a whole slew of things things under her breath. " I did not intend for that to happen, I was unaware of your presence. "

" Unaware?! Chu making me angry mon! " She yelled out as she was donning on her pants, with a few bounces, then rubbing to her arms before attempting to adorn her shirt.

" Apparently you are already angry. I'm trying to ease the situation, not escalate it. " He stated as he was coming to a slow sit.

" Why chu talkin' like dat for?!  Keep it up, Ah'll hex chu. Dis isn't funny. " She shook her finger at him as she finished pulling the shirt over her head and her arms were situated.

" I don't find it humorous... " He replied moving to pull the fur from the covering  that clung to his face off so at least he could look at her clearly.

Upon seeing him sit up she shook her head, still in the process of gathering her things. " Oh no, chu don't. Chu keep dat fur on, I dun wanna see no'ting chu got. Chu just stay dere. "

" We can talk about this, you don't have to react in this manner. " He attempted to settle her and for her to see some reasoning. He even paused in peeling the fur off of him, to ease her mind that he wasn't intending harm just trying to figure out what happened.

" Dat be unnecessary! Da spirits not amused enough by any of dis. Ah'm ova whaeva dis was, and chu be too. " She grabbed her gear bag and glaives, in the process she was heading out of the main quarters.

Ra'rhuk had commissioned the hall to have been built, at least he recognized his location in that regard. He was standing up regardless, even though the fur did not fall away it clung to his torso as he stood. He began to follow her out, his voice solemn and flat. " What's unnecessary is your behavior... I did not intend to make you uncomfortable, nor this to even occur. You have my apologies over any of what may of have happened, or did not happen as you were hoping it. I did not mean to disappoint. "

She turned around heaving out a exasperated strained voice. " Dis is all wrong, dis whole t'ing was all wrong... It betta to be forgotten as it is Ah'm gonna be attoning for dis for years. So it's betta to be forgotten. " she waved her hand about as she turned full around to face him was still walking backward towards the exit of the encampment. " Do chur self a fava and forget about dis whole t'ing. "

Apparently the female knew where she was heading as she turned back around and was moving at a hurried pace just at the entrance way there was a raptor tied, where she was in the process of mounting up. Rock had made his way to the entrance with that fur still clinging to his front, his hind side bare and as white as the surrounding snow. " If you would just see reason, we could talk about this over the morning meal, allow us to come to our senses. "

" Oh Ah done come to ma senses. Ah'm going to leave chu to find chur own. " She turned the raptor by the means of bridle, and ushered it onward with a squeeze of her heels to the beast's side gaining a fast lope of a gait putting as much space between them as possible.

Ra'rhuk was going to call out, but as the raptor disappeared over a snow bank in the distance he just stood there left with own thoughts thoroughly perplexed over what had just happened.
Just as he eventually peeled off the fur his brother's spirit suddenly out of nowhere voiced out

~ Well the others might not be amused, but I certainly am. ~

The voice caused Ra'rhuk to blink twice as he was heading back towards the hall, in the process of removing the stray fur strands that clung to his frame. " Where have you been? " He asked of Zor'din as he was entering the structure.

~ Bear! Good to have you back! ~ The spirit exclaimed excitedly moving about his brother. ~ You drank those potions and it was all you, brother. It was like you were cut off you couldn't see me, or hear me. What trip that was.~ He laughed.

" Were you present for that? " He inquired still picking the fur off his chest.

~ The entire time... Don't worry about her. she'll be fine. Who knows you may have pushed her back into finding her religion waking up with you like that. ~ He reassured with a smile.

" I'm not concerned." He replied simply, as he was scanning the room with his gaze for his own belongings now.

~ Of course you're not... ~ Zor'din snickered, while Ra'rhuk was getting dressed. ~ I haven't seen you that shit faced since you were living. Is there anything you can remember? ~

" No... but that was to be expected. The memory loss is something Raji'din had informed us about. "  Ra stated flatly as he was buckling his chest piece into place.

~ It was something else. ~ Zor'din paused a moment electing to allow the living to convey all the happenings during his brother's adventure while in their company. He would help with the parts where Ra'rhuk was alone. ~ You escorted Zinaji home, then eventually wound up back here. You just wandered about until you came to a group of others out there at a small camp. They enjoyed your company. That female's name was Rin'ji, not that it matters. But she showed interest, and you did too. Ha! She thought she could warm you, purring and flirting, and cooing all over you. By the time you reached here, she was passed out cold and you laid there like a dead fish... but of course she achieved just the opposite. You freezing her like that! The spirits are not amused! Hahahaha! Of course we are! I am! Good show calming her down too! I applaud you brother!~  Continued to laugh while he had rambled, and emphasized his finishing statement with clapping of his ghostly image.

Ra'rhuk just grunted crouching in place. " Alright, what was done, or not done is finished. We can go about our business as usual. "

~  What's the plan? Sitting there brooding, or are you actually going to do something today? ~ He voiced after a long moment of silence.

" I'm not brooding, I'm attempting to recall last night. " As well as thinking this all over. The experiment seemed to defeat the purpose, if he couldn't remember any of it there was no point. There had been a moment, but it was so fleeting he couldn't grasp it entirely. Raji'din had informed him that if he remained in blood presence that the healing processes of regeneration would quicken, he could become more like the others he had seen in their behavior, yet there was a volatility to it. The whole notion was debatable and he was more comfortable in frost, perhaps he would attempt it, but not now, at a later time.  " I'll visit the others at a later time when I've sorted these few memories in the forefront of my mind. "

~ Suit yourself, they have a lot to tell you that might help you fill in the blanks.~

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Love is in the air? part two.... ( Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Re: Love is in the air? part two.... ( Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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LMFAO this is the best ))

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