Love is in the air? ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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Love is in the air?  ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Love is in the air? ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

Post by minstrelofmyths on Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:41 am

Quiet hours.... Those early morning hours where Ra'rhuk sat by the tree outside the tavern alone. He did not expect visitors, but at times they arrived. In this case it was a female in his condition. What set the situation aside was something caught his attention. The way she moved, the way she smiled, the way she laughed, it sounded genuine. This behavior struck him as odd, that she displayed in his presence it was as if there was no boundary, that he held. He could laugh, he could recall, but he could not express full the emotion that opaque, vague, to present himself as fully as he once did. If he did it was a farce, a pale reflection of what he was. So it intrigued him.... He was getting to know the female the exchange of names had been just given when shortly a male arrived. A male that shared the same condition, and he too displayed like the living, laughing, teasing, making statements only a living individual would make. Their behavior perplexing to him, as they bantered onward. The once Sin'dorei, went by the name of Tel, and the male refused to give his given name, nor draw any closer.

" Ah've earned ma scars. " The male leaning on the spear spoke to the female.

" I know you've earned your scars. " The female stuck out her tongue at the male.

This struck Ra'rhuk as strange, as all in their condition and had made it as long as they have all earned their scars in their mind. Even the weakest warrior met with a placement of a scar in folly as a learning experience. Who did not earn their scars? " Don't we all earn our scars that we carry de burden of? " He inquired with mild curiosity.

" Dat depends on da warrar.... Come ova 'ere Tel, Ah wanna repay joo fo' da drink. " The nameless one smirked, and grinned in a wicked fashion.

Ra'rhuk continued to watch the interaction, not debating the fact as he was curious where this was leading. He did not interrupt as the female huffed, and looked upset but arose to talk to the male. He was silent as the male pulled her in and just placed a kiss upon her mouth. He did not say anything as she could have prevented it, fully capable death knight, yet she did not stop him, nor did she return the display of affection. As soon as he finished she had stormed off towards the tavern. The male was laughing, was displaying still as one would do as they were alive.
" Perhaps, you should attempt to make amends. " Ra'rhuk suggested quietly, not that the male was hearing him he had departed anyway.

~ Love is in the air, brother... ~ Zor'din's spirit laughed out within his hearing.

" Not now... " Ra'rhuk simply spoke to dismiss the spirit as he was contemplating this.
Simple things became complicated at times for him, he needed his thoughts, his own mind without the spirit's influence. Ra'rhuk stared out into the Valley for a long time. They behaved as if they were living... What had been done, or not done to them which had been done to him? Their master had been meticulous in his administrations to shape them into killing machines.

He is what is considered in terms a third generation Death Knight. Able to pick up and use any weapon off the battlefield, obviously more proficient in his abilities to wield a rune blade the origins taught to them  by the Vrykul, although needing a specific forge. He was an icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering vicious weapon strikes. He had served under other various commanders, gaining rank quickly in his obedience and ability to swiftly cut down our enemies. He was given another duty, to lead the supply shipments of corpses to be risen in the destination of the necropolis of Archerus, the Ebon Hold.  In the end what their ultimate purpose in design was that of assaulting Light's Hope Chapel and destroying the Argent Dawn. He was thinking on this, this simplistic seeming occurrence, although there was a possibility they were rose before him, he had thought there was a possibility there was not. Highlord Darion Mograine, was betrayed by their master. Perhaps... perhaps those countless scores of the dead he had delivered, had been in haste made to prove unstable, to prove unable to perform with the skill as their liege had his agenda to end Morgraine himself. This could be the reason why the tie to the mortal coil was stronger with those he witnessed this morning.

~ You are over thinking this... ~ Zor'din mentioned as Ra'rhuk had not moved for an hour or two.

He simply raised his finger tip to silence his brother, tending to his own thoughts on the matter. It had been his conjecture that the undead, raised from the battle field, were raised in haste that is why they maintained so many mundane desires, and needs, although their appearance was maintained, many retained individual thought. Yet he too was free when the Lich King's control over his death knights was broken. The king's former champions sought revenge for the horrors committed under his command. After their vengeance was won, the death knights found themselves without a cause and without a home. One by one they trickled into the land of the living in search of a new purpose. Although it was individual these purposes, perhaps his own had been short sighted in the expanse and direction he had been pursuing. They... seemed genuine... Pure speculation, as it could have been an attempt to seem real well done with practice he did not see it as that.

~ Snarky, lively elf alert. ~ The spirit chided.

It took Rock a moment to come out of his thoughts, as Elle appeared he had greeted with a smile and voiced approval of her arrival. They spoke of things, idle things, others were present and his mind was on that subject as they conversed. He was relatively quiet with come backs to jests being fed his way by Zor'din. His brother paid more attention to the outside happenings then himself at times, a good cue to bring him back was the spirits retorts that he voiced. His time at the tree went as it always did, coming and goings of those living souls, with living lives. He was there, and they gathered, he enjoyed their proximity, as it gave him but a breath of a reminder of what it was once like. His mind on that night outside the club Trix, in the inn. The undead seeking rest, and company with one another. It made sense to him then, as their master did not spend such lengthy time, and efforts on their reconstruction as he had endured. He had seen other Death Knights attempt a reconnection with the living, he had always thought it was in folly. Why do that to the living? Why cause them to linger in one's presence without a chance of reciprocation of emotional ties? Their continuance was as uncertain as anything else, eternal yes, but in a moment they could just stop running if so desired by the king on the throne.  Why were they given such an allowance, why were they allowed to function without full purpose? Many questions of this nature were being processed, as he smiled when appropriate, spoke on other things while awaiting his charge to arrive. Preoccupied and obsessing over one happening, his mind going over possibilities he had not thought upon.
When speaking in private on such matters, the subject switched to that of a dealing in which was dealing with a wager he had placed on Brix'tul. Accusations, and confessions were made, and were soon to be settled, he attempted to stick with it only being distracted by his working mind. Then came a mention of the undead of the Undercity may hold potions and elixirs that would possibly effect him, he decided to try these things. Although he would not be disappointed if they did not work, yet the idea, the avenue to feel beyond what he was now capable seemed.... like something he would desire if he could desire beyond the need to inflict pain and suffering.

~ Reckless, and very living of you... ~ The voice seemed to hold a smile as Ra'rhuk purchased a crate full of potions with various pronounced side effects.

" I'm in de company of friends. It may prove interesting for them at my expense if they do in fact work. " He spoke as he was walking while looking for Brix'tul and Elle in the city.

~ I'm not concerned for you. I'm concerned for them. The hell with it, you only live once, might as well make it interesting for them. But if you harm that elf, I will haunt you. I like her. ~  Zor'din made light of the matter.

Ra'rhuk paused in step, seeming to be reconsidering as Zor'din had voiced that.  " Perhaps this first experiment, I take it easy... Although I may not be affected at all. " His armor protested as he resumed walking. " It will be a controlled setting as well, I'm not highly concerned for their well being. "

~ Hah! She hates it here, look at her hide behind Brix'tul... If she only knew more about you she would do the same in your presence. You are so lucky, your appearance is as good as it is. ~

Ra'rhuk grunted, looking to the abomination that was pointed out having three hands by Elle. He peered at the Sin'dorei as she questioned the purpose of such. A bit wicked in his torments as it helped ease those urges that made him want to cause more then a minor discomfort. He held control, and just voiced a few chiding thoughts as she flopped upon the undercity's stone underbelly next to a rat. Brix'tul had been joking with her as well, but perhaps seemed to sense Ra'rhuk's hidden agenda, spoke of leaving instead of continuing a pursuit in making Elle uncomfortable.

~ If they only knew what you were thinking, they wouldn't be so tolerant of your presence either. You use their reactions too much for your self serving. You might want to think on that... ~

" We can go... " Ra'rhuk agreed finally, a small glance to the right given with a nod as if he didn't hear his brother. He spoken to Brix'tul and Elle and nothing more.

Soon to be back to the city, the time and place set to when he would try these possibilities out. It was not that he wanted to kiss, nothing that simple. It was to feel, feel something he was beyond capable of now in the moment. To expand on what he knew in the present, to possibly feel more the now. He was mildly anticipating the adventure.

Time moved on with the coming and goings of the others, new faces, and old ones, ones that frequented those needed to depart. His charge had arrived and he conversed about his plans, as well as Elle departing for the evening after the arrival of Elsee and the departure of Brix'tul for the evening. He was interested on her thoughts about Kazkali, but would not push such inquiries in a public setting. He saw them in his mind's eye as a couple, yet that was his personal biased opinion that they seemed well placed together. Perhaps the reasoning was that Kaz reminded him of a older sibling, and Elsee reminded him of his brother's mate that his mind had fixated that it should simply be. Their mannerisms subtle but also so telling. Kazkali's way of boosting his approval in the female's mind by self inflicted ego stroking. As he pronounced he had named Troll Tree Hill, and things of that nature. A date had been set for the two to explore the holiday setting, which held no appeal for Rock, but the two that held an attraction for each other. His charge seemed to be missing parts of the picture but as the two departed to have their adventure the larger picture seemed to be evident to Squirrel.

" Zinaji 'ope dey become one day mates. " The perpetually young seeming troll pronounced as soon as they were out of ear shot with a smile.

" I do as well... " Ra'rhuk returned with a slow smile.

~ Love is the air.~  His brother whispered to Rock's hearing alone.

Soon they were to depart, his charge having grown tired it was the end of the evening. Which left Ra'rhuk alone with time to contemplate the elixirs and potions. " I believe I should attempt this in blood presence, as it may counter any effects if I am in frost, my processes are greatly slowed. "

~ You can always call the cold to you if you do become too volatile. ~ Zor'din mentioned as a precautionary measure. ~ That alone could be your problem, keeping to one presence and not the other the lack of balance could be the reason you have difficulties relating at times. ~

Ra'rhuk grunted speaking in his native tongue now that he was out of public eye. " I do not wish to decay... you've seen how Elle reacted to the others. There is enough disgust in the world over what is considered beautiful, and untouched. I'm well preserved and still face animosity over past deeds. It would be worse, if pieces started to fall off. "

~ I think that is a misconception on your part, you are not a plague bringer, nor infested with insects and defilement.  A few hours of the desert at night time at air temperature should not cause, pieces to fall off... Really Bear, it's an experience, something that could go either way for you. You can consume what you need to before arriving that evening at the club, to cause your system to process the liquids faster. They will not begrudge you over it... You can go on and on about how your concern is for them. But I know, and you know that is not entirely the case. It's okay to be apprehensive about the unknown, it shows that there is more intact then you like to admit, that there is hope for you to regain a little more of yourself in these processes. ~ Zor'din spoke his mind as Ra'rhuk was going over what potions were in the crate. ~ Besides what happens, if it happens, has a time frame it will end. It is nothing permanent. ~

Ra'rhuk looked to the wavering spirit image that his brother projected as source of his location. " I've already agreed to it... I'm not apprehensive. You are not convincing me either way, as it has already been sealed. "

~ At least consider to file down your tusk as Raji'din suggested to appear a little more... fashionable. ~ He laughed at his brother. ~ It will not shatter. ~

" What purpose does fashion serve me either way in this? " Ra'rhuk eyed his brother suspiciously, as the spirit was displaying a chesire grin.  Rhuk seemed to catch on slowly. " No... What you are thinking is not an option, I will not pursue such a course. "

~ I liked you better when you were living...~  Zor'din scoffed.

" I liked us both better when we were living. " Ra'rhuk retorted flatly.

~ You're no fun, now.~ The spirit chided as Rock was on the move.

" Neither are you. "  Rhuk continued the banter just to keep his brother engaged. As much as he seemed not to enjoy Zor'din's company, he could have just as easily dismissed the spirit and not speak to him at all.

~ I would be if other people could see me... You're bringing me down, Bear. ~ Zor'din teased.

Ra'rhuk closed the crate of potions after he had selected what he thought would be interesting to try out at the club. " That's a matter of perspective. " He smirked.

~ Love is in the air... come on. It would be interesting to show your friends all those smooth moves you carried once, that you like to boast about, even given the limited time frame.~

" I'll think about what you are suggesting." He knew his brother too well and thought it was all in folly. This whole proposed idea could create havoc on the tenuous relationships he held in friendship. He did not want to become shunned further more due to his experiments. His slope of a brow furrowed with his thoughts. " Now leave me to my thoughts. " It resumed in silence for a long time, an hour or two passed uninterrupted until Zor'din spoke.

~ Thinking of her again, are you? ~ A hushed whisper as if not wanting to intrude but had done it anyway.

" Just her eyes... I cannot recall their shade, everything else is there, the lashes, the almond shape, the fine lines at the corners when she smiled, just not the hue, it's lost to me. " He voiced solemnly.

~ You reached too high with that one brother... you allowed everything else to fade, why not let this go as well?~ Zor'din suggested with concern to his tone.

Ra'rhuk shook his head causing that rusty door hinge sound to issue forth from within the confines of his neck. " It is not that.. it is that I did not reach high enough with what time I had been allotted. " A matter a fact tone as he resumed with that focused silence. The possibility to see color, that is why he was pursuing this experiment, if he could see color perhaps the memory would return of what her eye shade was. Even if there was a possibility of a risk to others, he was deeply considering the side effects of the elixirs and potions of one he would find benefit in.

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Love is in the air?  ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Re: Love is in the air? ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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Love is in the air?  ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Re: Love is in the air? ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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Love is in the air?  ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. ) Empty Re: Love is in the air? ( A Ra'rhuk short story, current time frame. )

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