Heart Stealers ( current time frame, short story )

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Heart Stealers   ( current time frame, short story ) Empty Heart Stealers ( current time frame, short story )

Post by minstrelofmyths on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:28 pm

He was aware of his surroundings, the warmth of the heat of the Durotar soil under his feet, the breeze through leaves of the canopy of the tree above, those that were present, the sound of strings held a slower strum. The words sung upon a elven voice came to his ears, " ..... You see her when you close your eyes, maybe one day you'll understand why, everything you touch surely dies.... " Suddenly like a match catching flame his mind went from still to a combustion of memories. He was taken else where, and the place where Rock sat was distance and the recall became a vivid reality.

The curve of Ra'rhuk's knuckles of his hand stroked the priestess's cheek, a simple subtle caress of flesh. It was not allowed, yet it was not prevented, never was it prevented, a smile like no other was granted to him. By pyre light flickering dance, the moment intimate, the kind that where the world took a breath and just held it.  

" You should go.... " The priestess's voice came like a hushed whisper.

" I cannot... " Ra'rhuk responded, not wanting to let her go, not wanting to let it slip on by like in reality it had.

" This isn't right for either of us Ra'rhuk. This, it will only bring us pain. "  Her voice carrying that tremble to it that gained his attention to how serious the playful banter had turned.

She was right of course, and he released his hold on her. He took a single step back as he held his eyes closed, as he regained thought.  "  I would risk it, if it wasn't for the thought I would be the cause of your pain. "

He was to leave in the morning, back on the road of their campaign to take back what was theirs. He had risked this meeting in the first place, yet he couldn't bare the nights without knowing, without seeing her one last time. The feeling of doom was growing, and she had been his light for this long, just one more breath, just one more touch, shared embrace even if nothing would come of it. He had to see her, even if it caused him pain. The desperation was there, and she granted him that touch, it should have been enough he should have taken the gift for what it was worth.

" Ra'rhuk... " Her voice came again as the memory was being pulled back by words of a song in a different time.

" Staring at the ceiling in the dark, same old empty feeling in your heart, cause love comes slow and it goes so fast. "

Those last moments he had been before her, those many moments he looked forward to seeing her smile even if it was from afar. It was causing a strange sensation he did not recognize at first as he sat there. Other's were approaching, yet their voices were not his focus, the elven one tugged and pulled on him to slip between sitting at the tree and elsewhere that was far away.

" Well you see her when you fall asleep,but never to touch and never to keep, 'Cause you loved her too much, and you dived too deep. "

He suddenly had to get away, too many were close, heart beats, and breathing over lapped, the strings that twanged out their rhythm mixed within, and all that began to flood his mind was all that he had been programmed to crave. Blood, pain, misery, suffering, he could feel it growing under the surface. He head been warned repeatedly not to take on the blood presence too often and yet he had, he was at least recognizing the volatile nature crawling under his flesh.

" Cause you only need the light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know you love her when you let her go..... Only know you've been high when you're feeling low, only hate the road when you're missin' home, only know you love her when you let her go.. "

It was as if his mind locked and fixated on the words, and he wanted to destroy them, destroy the source they were coming from as it seemed directed at him, and like sharp irritating daggers, they struck him repeatedly over and over to the point he wanted to lash out. Just as he was about to do just that his brother spoke.

~ Time to leave your friends, Bear.... You need the space. Thank Elle for the song, and just take a walk,  brother. ~

He stood, " Excuse me a moment.... Lovely song, Elle. " He walked away, his mind saw the altar's stairs, as he tread upon the orange soil that would forever be grey to him.

There she was bathing with the other females, laughing unaware of the males watching them, or perhaps they were aware as the display was seeming more pointed with glances in the direction where they were standing. Of course when the waves and the laughter began to have them join them, they were not ones to miss the opportunity. His eyes were on her alone, and he was greeted with a push and shove, the same threats he always gained when he was close. He didn't want her to become a priestess, but he would never speak out against the choice her parents, and she herself had chosen that path for her, it was one of status and worth. All the folly, all the laughter, and joy was playing out in his mind as he sat at the water's edge looking at the waterfall in the city.

~ Brother, you need to return to your frost presence... What you are doing to yourself you are not prepared to face. ~ Zor'din's voice repeated nicknames, and his relation more often when Ra'rhuk was in a place that would ignore him otherwise, to gain that attention.

" I am not accustom to emotions... I cannot decipher them. " Ra'rhuk's echoing scratchy voice held a tremor to it.

~ I'm aware... it is much like when you first were risen. ~ The spirit spoke in a careful tread.

" I do recall.... Yet, the lack of trauma is making this difficult. This, freedom to it's range unrestricted is confusing. " Ra'rhuk confessed.

~ Speaking on it, may make it less confusing... If you could describe it what is the first word would you use for what you feel? ~  Zor'din asked.

" Anger. " He stated without a hint of it upon his voice.

~  Is it directed?~  The spirit moved as if in image came to sit next to his brother.

"Yes, myself... if I loved her I would have let her go... I cannot." He pointed slowly towards the vision that was playing out of his past that he was seeing even away from the music playing.

~ Or won't? We will have to speak on this later... the others, your friends have come looking for you. It may be best to make excuses to depart for now. ~ Zor'din was trying to get Ra'rhuk out the city so he would not cause any harm to those held a care towards his brother.

Zinaji had been the first to arrive, Ra'rhuk had tried to explain his difficulties, and it was a repeat of what his brother was trying to tell him although in Zinaji's way.  Then it was Elle with her attempts, and then Ty with kind words, Brix'tul hung back. They all were trying to support him in their manners, but Ra'rhuk wasn't ready, he couldn't sort through the echoing of his past that danced with the present. He had to leave, he had to cool down and distance himself from these emotions that threatened his stability. He had been warned...

He had broke away from the group, while on the way to his residence, he soothed the rise in the volatile nature of his presence by only means he knew how. Each kill, drawn out to where it would finally sate those drives and urges that were apart of his nature. Each strike of his blades, seeking to silence that voice of his past life, it was never silenced, quieted, but as with all whispers that haunted him they were never completely gone. Remnants, of those voices always remained. While he was dragging his pale grey tongue over his blade to clean it as he stood over his last kill, as his brother spoke.

~ Feel better? ~

" Much. " Ra'rhuk smirked as he began to walk towards his encampment.
Slowly those sensations had faded, he drew the shroud of cold around him, almost emotionless, almost empty. " I will need to speak with the warriors about my decision. Eventually. "

~ I still think this is ill advised... Even Raji'din has spoken to you on this. You are focused on this irritation. That may even pass now that you've listened to me and have returned to this state. For being dead, you really have a problem of letting go of things. ~ Zor'din snickered only to receive a cold glare. ~ Please do not involve them--- ~

" Enough... I seek to prevent injury to their persons, not to cause them. " He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture to silence his brother. He had taken his brother's words in consideration, as his own thoughts on the matter. This build in irritation was felt even in his present state, he couldn't just let it go. He had attempted it, yet now threats were being made, the fool kept seeking him out.

Yes, he had been drawn in at first by the prospect of redemption, although as more was discovered those redeeming qualities of promises lost flavor of truth. No matter what he was damned, even if he achieved the goal he was looking for, the cost was too heavy and the chance too slim to work in his favor. There was too much talk of body switching, body stealing, heart taking to build those darker magics in one's favor, rumors, and accounts of these fables. There were costs, and those costs were not something he was willing to sacrifice upon what remained of his soul. His desire to follow the path Rhunok would have set were not of these ways spoken, it would only ensue his own and his brother's banishment from ever reaching their ancestors. It angered him, it frustrated him, all these easy answers where given and spoken to him freely and easily, and yet a solution was not his to be had. He didn't want one more life to live, only to die and return to the darkness, he wanted salvation, peace. He knew the weight he carried upon him, all those innocent lives he ended, the cruelty he had caused, and continued to cause. The pain could be managed, but it was always present, he wished to find a way to die and be absolved of those crimes he carried the burden of... Switching bodies, did not erase the offenses, did not bring back his loa, his people, those he had ended, or her....

The irritation grew, and continued to grow as he was toyed with, with those empty promises, with the threat upon what he protected. The sulking coward would come to him only when he was alone, departing while he was in the company of others. Yet he had been told to stay his hand, let the living deal with the living, he was not judgement but the hand of those that passed it.  So against his own better judgement he had returned to the city and spoke his thoughts on the situation with Brix'tul, and Kaz'kali for the first and only time he would speak of his involvement. He spoke of his concerns, and possible plans, he spoke of the instances that had irritated him while he was in his blood presence, as well as to what to do if he disappeared and did not return what the cause was, as well as the possibility if the need arose to be ended himself.

Ra'rhuk eventually returned to his residence sated that he had conveyed what was needed to be to those that needed to hear it. He continued onward the hours as he normally did cold, passive, and content. His purpose had been fulfilled, there was nothing more for him he sat at the base of tree, his mind began to drift to soft inviting features of a past long gone but not forgotten, with a detached distant viewing without the confusion or flood emotions he couldn't understand.

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Heart Stealers   ( current time frame, short story ) Empty Re: Heart Stealers ( current time frame, short story )

Post by Tegan RP on Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:00 pm

((...I blame Elle.))

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Heart Stealers   ( current time frame, short story ) Empty Re: Heart Stealers ( current time frame, short story )

Post by Tribeoftrolls on Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:01 pm

Crying or Very sad poor Rock

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<3 ))

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Heart Stealers   ( current time frame, short story ) Empty Re: Heart Stealers ( current time frame, short story )

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