MRPs: Keovi, Tegan, & Elleiza

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MRPs: Keovi, Tegan, & Elleiza Empty MRPs: Keovi, Tegan, & Elleiza

Post by Tegan RP on Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:25 pm

Keovi Blackshard

With high cheek bones and well kept raven hued locks, this Sin'Dorei could have been described handsome if his expression was not always etched into a condescending sneer. His eyes are a lighter shade of emerald, which gives a clue to his lack of sight.

A staff taller than himself is used at times to navigate around inanimate objects. Living beings, however, he moves around quite easily.

His robes are dark in hues and reflect no light, giving a matte appearance across his entire body. If a sleeve were to slide enough to expose skin it would be revealed that black ruinic ink tattooed the skin of his entire right arm, and perhaps more of his body if the skin were ever were to see public light.

His stature was average in height and his build that of a man who did not have the burden of weighted armor; lean muscle defined instead.

At times. an owl can be found perched on his shoulder.



Time spent fighting against the Iron Horde has earned her a place within Thrall's military forces; as told by the dark red armor. Symbols of the Frost Wolf Clan could be noticed in the details.

Feathers hang from thin leather strips tied into her hair; to symbolize an alliance with the Arakkoa.

Due to her overall lack of magic useage and control, Tegan's eyes glow less brightly than her magi counterparts and almost have a blue undertone within the iris.

Tegan's more attractive qualities were attached to her compassionate personality. When the Sin'dorei smiles, the warmth is reflected in her eyes and her entire expression conveys whole hearted positive feelings. She is guilty of wearing her feelings on her sleeve and is an easy person to read.

Make-up and time consuming hair-styles were left behind as a child and it is extremely rare to see the girl in anything but armor or casual clothing made to stand the outdoors. The only purely decorative piece she wears is an amulet with a purple stone, a gift from someone important.



At first glance, Elle could easily be mistaken for an adolescent due to her petite stature and youthful features. A wry and spritely grin is always plastered on the girl's face no matter the context. Her crimson locks are kept shorter in the back and longer in the front, framing her face. The tiny Sin'dorei often uses dark eyeliner and dresses in dark fabrics; playing up her lifestyle as a deviant.

Beautiful but dangerous, the rogue takes pride in charming strangers out of their coin and valuables.  

When she isn't conning, thieving, or tracking down lost objects, she can often be found playing a hand-held stringed instrument for extra gold on the streets or boasting jokes to bar patrons.

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