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Post by Valendil on Sat May 30, 2015 1:29 pm

((Art by me))
Val looks at you with a bright smile and a raise of the brow. He enjoys interacting with anyone and will generally do so with a cocky confidence. His face is that of a thirty year old with strong bone structure and a lopsided grin.

He doesn't wear anything flashy or ornate that many Sindorei typically wear. He generally wears well-worn leather armor and any other articles of clothing will be in the natural color range. He kinda prefers green and browns and always enjoys a sturdy pair of suspenders. His boots look as though they have ran around the world twice but he wont replace them.

No matter the length of stint in the woods, or how dirt caked he may be, his hair just somehow is shiny clean. Like kind of oddly. Does he bathe just his hair? Its flowing and glorious, many a lady have been jealous of it.

He moves with a confidence that come from countless years surviving the wilderness of Azeroth. He knows that he can disappear and survive so he deals with situations like he has a constant escape hatch. He burns hot and jumps ship when the need arises.
He has a bow on his back that looks to be hand made. Long branches and vines are wrapped tautly to create the body of the bow. Modest yet trustworthy.

A small reddish brown fox is always around him. Usually within 15 feet and just sniffing every damn thing. Just goin for it.

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