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Post by Tegan RP on Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:30 pm

“What haughty aristocratic horseshit.”

“Red, you seriously need to shut the fuck up.”

“How about I kill you instead and take you in for the bounty? You’re dressed all nice 'n pretty. They won’t know the difference.”

Vaahn shot the woman beside him a dirty look – if one could even call her a woman. She was barely out of adolescence; but the make up, the expensive jewelry, and well-to-do hairstyle helped to hide some of the childish features. The girl only smiled all too sweetly in response. Her curious emerald eyes, lightly freckled face, and quirky lopsided smile deceived even the most guarded of individuals. Vaahn knew better; he had seen what she could do first hand. The girl went from mouse to snake in split seconds and struck like a viper.

The pair of street rats had cleaned up well. Vaahn had borrowed the tux from someone who owed him money and Elle had stolen the ball gown from an estate that had recently suffered from arson. How convenient. Events such as the Dusklight Estate burning to the ground often occurred often when Elle visited. Vaahn never questioned her. Wasn’t part of his job to ask. He just needed to keep the spitfire alive. Boss’ orders.

“This place is huge.” The statement wasn’t spoken in awe or reverence at the beauty of the ballroom... but rather in distinct annoyance. Did any of these pricks consider how difficult it was to cover any sort of ground in heels and a dress? Of course not.
The girl swept the room with her gaze as she took in all of the important details of the house. Windows, doors, stairways... all were important to consider when an immediate departure was called for.

Vaahn tapped the younger girl on the shoulder before he inclined his head toward a chattering group of well-dressed men.

“The one on the far left. Brown hair. Clean shaven.”

She spotted the man Vaahn spoke of. He was middle aged but attractive. The kind of person who emanated confidence by the way he carried himself.


Vaahn gave the girl a twisted look of disgust and puzzlement.

Why do you always want to know their names?”

The girl ignored his question. She was fixed on her target with a predatory gaze and a small smile. Vaahn exhaled a long sigh of frustration. The girl unnerved him sometimes.

The music started to play and the entire room shuffled about as each dancer tried to pair up with their ideal partner. Vaahn and the girl exchanged brief looks of mutual disdain before take taking hold of one another. Their smiles were convincing despite being forced. This dance, start to finish, was well rehearsed. Vaahn and the girl would arrive together and give the appearance of a discontent couple. Vaahn would steer his partner toward the target and time it so that just as the dancers were about to switch, he would release her into the possession of their prey. The girl’s charms took over from there. Within the hour the deed would be done and they could be rid of their awfully uncomfortable disguises.

The pair did well to pretend that they enjoyed each other’s company. The only clue that it was a façade was the fact that their smiles did not match the expression in their eyes. They were both distracted. Calculating. Preparing.

The girl had to put effort into taming down her wicked grin. Something about the anticipation for the hunt made her heart race.

Vaahn leaned in to whisper to the girl as the danced, blending in with the other couples.

“You are really fucked up, you know that?” He asked with a small in a tone of voice that should have been reserved for sweet nothings.

In a sing-song voice of a playful reply. “Thanks love; couldn’t do it without you.”

“You know, Elle, I always cherish that initial misconception I had about you. So beautiful... too bad you have thorns the size of—“

Elle brought her heel sharply down onto his toes. Ouch.

Vaahn’s teeth clenched and there was a hiss of some colorful swears.

“Don't try so hard, I couldn't like you any less.” She whispered to him, a threat in her undertone.

Vaahn spun her around and all but pushed her into her target. Elle’s instinctual reaction was to glare at the back of her partner’s head as he limped off but her attention was swiftly brought back into focus as she accidentally backed up into someone behind her. Startled she spun on heel and found herself staring upward at her target. Her expression of shock must have been comical because he laughed and arched his eyebrows in question.

I am going to –kill- Vaahn. Her thoughts concluded while she pulled together the shyest smile she could muster.

“My I have this dance, Miss?” He asked in a polite smooth voice with a warm undertone. He upturned his hand in offering. They were always polite. Elle feigned a nervous laugh as she accepted his hand. The hesitance, the flush of her cheeks; it all came a second hand nature.

Vaahn watched from the outskirts of the dance floor with a practiced look of calm. He reached down into his pocket and pulled out his flask. A long slug of liquor was downed before he hid it back away. He peered at the man who had his arms around Elle. Poor sap.

“How come I’ve never seen you before?” The gentlemen inquired as they continued to move in slow circles around the dance floor.

Elle already had this answer pre-planned and answered in heavily accented Thalassian she had practiced for weeks. “Over-protective family...” She flashed him a coy smile. “They were assured that I would be around nothing but gentlemen.” Elle’s playful and curious tone of voice always seemed to elicit a spark in these seemingly polite and overly groomed men. “What is your name?” Elle asked smoothly and she looked over his face carefully. To a stranger it would appear as if Elle was terribly infatuated. To Vaahn, it was like watching a cat fixate on a bird; waiting for the right moment to close in... Less lose the prey to flight.

“Quinn Amorlin...” He answered his name with pride. “...And you?”

Elle had to quickly remember which false House name she had taken this time.

“Iza Bloodvalor.” Stealing the last name of a Blood Knight...was just yet another crime Elle could tag onto the extremely long list of offenses. Elle was just lucky he either didn’t have extensive knowledge of family trees. That blunder had only happened once and Elle had to create some sob story on the spot about being an illegitimate child. What fun.

“Well, the Amorlin family is certainly honored to have you bless us with your presence, Lady Iza. My pleasure especially in meeting you.”

Elle appeared flustered. “The honor is all mine, M’lord. This place is so beautiful. I can only imagine what the rest of the house looks like.” Her words were of naïve innocence. She had to bite her tongue hard to not smirk.

“If you’d like I could give you a grand tour of the estate. I think you would find it quite charming here.”

Elle had learned to control her physical movements but mentally she was laughing at him -- such flowery and overly formal language for a pick up line.

“...Oh... I’m not sure....” Elle bit her lower lip and her ears lowered slightly. “Won’t you be needed here? I wouldn’t want to interrupt...” A dose of honest sounding concern and hesitance only made the young noble pull her closer.

“We would be back before the dance ended...” He quickly tried to reassure her and pressed a guiding hand to her back as he turned to walk off the dance floor.

Elle complied... but only after casting an extremely brief glance to Vaahn across the room.

Vaahn held up his flask as if to say ‘cheers’ and took another slug. “Dead man walking...” He muttered under his breath before he moved to refill his flask with the free liquor provided. There were –some- perks to the job.

Elle had been following Lord Amorlin around the estate patiently playing along with the idea that this was just a tour. If it wasn’t just a tour and he really was just being polite and showing her around... her job became significantly more difficult.

Finally the noble turned on her and placed both hands on her shoulders. He had been previously rambling about the garden they had been walking through. He turned slightly in order to lift a hand and gingerly pull a rose to show her. Elle watched with a curious gaze; she was honesty intrigued.

“Beautiful. Like you, little Iza. But so guarded.” Roses. Thorns. By the Gods... people needed to become original.

Elle ‘s ears lowered. He sounded so sincere. She just wanted to get this over with.

She leaned up onto her toes and kissed him without warning. He made a surprised sound and tensed – for a split second Elle thought she had moved to fast and had blown it. Luckily he didn’t question her sudden change in demeanor and complied with her kiss.

This was the part of the whole ordeal that made Vaahn question if Elle had a conscience at all.

Elle didn’t have to put forth any more effort into the hunt. She had him exactly where she wanted him and he was completely oblivious. With that safety net in place.... she allowed herself to enjoy the moment. It would all be over soon.

For a split second she wondered what this would feel like for real. If she were really the innocent, sheltered daughter of a Blood Knight and he really was a gentlemen caught in the moment. She slipped her hand under his shirt, fingers smoothing over the muscle of his torso. She felt his heart pounding wildly in his chest. Perfect.

The poor noble was startled and frozen under Elle’s touch. He –did- manage to break from the kiss in order to question “Iza?”

It almost made her stop everything entirely.


Elle’s smile was bittersweet as she buried her face then into his neck; pretending to hide her face in embarrassment for her outburst. She mumbled something along the lines of sorry. Quinn pulled away from her slightly in order to look at her. She did her best to keep her head bow as she stared at the ground.

“Don’t be sorry...” He tried to reassure her. His expression was puzzlement mixed in with longing. He was easily pulled back into the trap as Elle then moved her arms around loop around his neck. She embraced him tightly.

“....but I think this time I will be.... I actually kinda liked you.” She murmured the words into his warm neck and pressed a kiss there. It was the same moment she pushed the poisoned needle straight into his artery. He winced slightly; confused by her words.

Elle felt him go limp in her arms and had to set him down before they both crashed.

Poison worked so quickly.

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Post by minstrelofmyths on Thu May 28, 2015 2:11 pm

I really like this side of Elle >D

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