My Existence ( a Ra'rhuk poem )

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My Existence  ( a Ra'rhuk poem ) Empty My Existence ( a Ra'rhuk poem )

Post by minstrelofmyths on Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:37 am

( Imagine Ra'rhuk reciting this in his echoing voice for the full effect. )

My Existence.

Rage, de single relished emotion surges through de veins,
pounding drums guide, upon de blood soaked plains.
Interesting crimson rivers, rising ranks,
De blood shed leads to de silencing of souls upon de banks.

A conqueror, stands above them all cold and fearless,
De screams of terror leave de warrior's 'eart peerless.
One continues to stack countless numbers to de slaughter,
killing de urges with de remaining, residing inward laughter.

One of de many legions singled out from de front,
blades clash yet de weapons they always remains unblunt.
only gaining what fuels de power,
it's this gift, this curse, that leads one to be slowly devoured.

Continuance, ceaseless, meandering, unending,
Redemption sightless, de will of de spirits unbending.
Purpose lost, and then once more found,
relinquished and unbound.

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