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Post by Tribeoftrolls on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:02 am

From the time Zinaji had returned home in the later hours of the evening. He still excitable after the fun he had going on an adventure amongst those he calls friends. He bidding Ra'rhuk a good evening and headed his way up the stairs, quietly he checked on Safi and Enzi. The two sleeping soundly and giving quiet greetings by a light touch passing through their hair. Zinaji would enter the bedroom where Lina'shi and Ren'nari were resting. He wanted to tell all about his adventures, feeling bubbly and barely to contain it. It was just a good high feeling, a buzz feeling not due to any intoxication or other influences that one smokes or drinks. Just by simply having a fun time. He changed out of his attire as quickly and as quietly as he can, stripping down to the bare essentials, in the nude. Tip toeing his way to the bed to softly whisper.

"Linaaaaa.....Reeeenn..Zinaji is home." He spoke in zandali.

He heard Lina take in a deep breath and saw her eyes flutter open with a squint. Lina smiling sleepily and spoke out in a groggy tone. "Hello love.." Lina soon yawning while she felt Ren was moving.

Ren's deep and thick as molasses voice speaking out in orcish. "Saved ya' a spot little daddy, come in to bed." Sounding more groggy then Lina. He was providing room for Zinaji to crawl right on in. "Kept it nice and warm.." He purred.

Zinaji would tusk nuzzle to Lina's cheek as he greeted her, grumble purring before a kiss to her forehead. Soon to crawl in to lay on the other side of Ren.

"Zinaji had a big adventure tonight.." He whispered in zandali.

Laying along side while Ren pulled Zin and Lina in. Ren'nari was a all in one blanket and bed warmer, fur blankets weren't needed as much when he laid in bed. Just one blanket was fine while Lina pulled it up.

"That's nice love...tell us.." She spoke softly in zandali before she paused to yawn while she nestled in. "In the morning."  Falling quiet once she was settled with her eyes closed.

"But..--" Zinaji manage to say before Ren spoke up in orcish. How can he wait till tomorrow! He had so much to say now!

"Sleep first Zin." Ren glanced to Zinaji with a bleary gaze but firm expression that right now is not the time to tell everything, to give them time of much needed sleep.

"Okey." Zinaji muttered in orcish and lowered down to settle in.

It wasn't long until he heard the sound of both of them sleeping. Though Ren could be feigning sleep, a means to get Zinaji to sleep before he truly fell asleep. Ren didn't sleep much and when he did, there were times he did sleep like a stone. Other times he can sleep very lightly and be awake at the smallest of sounds. Zinaji was listening to their breathing, Lina soft and gentle. Ren deep and had a inhale rumble snore to it. For a long while Zinaji was staring up at the ceiling just waiting for sleep to take over. Feeling restless and unable to figure out why besides earlier of his mood, reminding himself that he had fun with running about and searching for long lost and forgotten items that were left behind in a old abandon though haunted castle. Little did he realize sleep did slip in without his notice. Within the hour he was sleeping, a low rattle in sound at his chest when he inhaled. As if a soft snore.

His sleep was short lived though. His dreams at first pleasant but his mind twisted and turn things around as he replayed a tensed moment amongst friends yet the visions collided with haunted ghosts. Not all of it making sense and just as he was settled asleep, he woke up with a small start. Lifting his head up with a small jerk motion of his body. His eyes squinted, sleepy though he didn't feel as tired. His heart rate was at a quick pace though soon calming. Looking around, Ren and Lina were still sleeping. He heard Ren mutter as he stayed still until Ren settled. His mind was relaying and he slipped out of bed quietly. He just felt like he couldn't sleep. Not after a dream like that.

Grabbing light clothing he got dressed downstairs and would simply set things up a little earlier then the usual time. Just so when his mates awoken it would be less for them to do in the morning. He cut open fresh oranges to squeeze fresh juice, filling the pitcher and setting the filled pitcher into the cold box. He set up the table for breakfast, just plates, cups and napkins. A fork for Lina as she liked to use utensils. Zinaji used utensils at times and others he just ate with his hands, depending on what the meal was that morning. Ren, didn't use any. Hardly. He always found some way to consume a meal without any use of such small eating tools.

Zinaji had written a note and left it on the table, the message being he was going back to Orgrimmar to do some thinking. He had his bijou coin with him as always, worn on his necklace. And that he would be back for breakfast and he had set up what he could so it was less work for Lina'shi and Ren'nari. Not that it took much to set up breakfast. Grabbing a smaller travel bag that had his hearthstones he picked up his journal and hearthed his way to Org. Once there he looked around to see not many were around. He sat at the tree where people no longer were gathered at in the wee hours of the morning. Seeing that the sun was soon on it's way to rise. With his hat on to block the rising sun from his eyes he began to write in his native language, Zandali.

Zinaji can't sleep. Had a bad dream. The dream was first good, dreamed of exploring that castle again and playing that giant board game. But then things changed. Zinaji dreamed of faces that Zinaji knows, trusted. Over such a small thing, did things almost get out of hand. Zinaji didn't want anyone fighting, arguing...didn't want that for anyone. Zinaji was getting nervous, can feel the tension. Was letting things be spoken out in hopes that it would get straighten out. Tried to change the subject by getting any music to begin. But things were not getting better. Words were being spoken back and forth. And friends that I once met, a friend Zinaji once knew....he changed. Miss Elle was just talking of her day, nothing bad behind it. Not meaning to poke fun at anyone or say something that was personally against another. There was no threat behind it, was mocking the day she had. But such a simple word was spoken had stirred a bees nest. Words were being spoken back and forth and as Zinaji said. Zinaji said nothing as to let it work itself out. It wasn't getting better.

All Zinaji heard was boasting of words, who did what or more of with protecting lives. As if what Elle does didn't matter if she is not wielding a sword against the enemy. Amongst them was a pandaren who was trying to settle things down by speaking wisdom. And he's right, no one is better then the other no matter what work they do. And that wasn't something my friend Elle was trying to do, she wasn't trying to belittle. We all fighting in this war in what way that we can do. Zinaji not doubting that...Org is safe because of fighters like Miss Lana and Baza. Lots more other people that Zinaji don't know but we as well are fighting against the threat. Zinaji made no mention to this in the argument, Zinaji saw there was no point nor any good that would come out of it. Zinaji trying to settle it, to settle the debate. Had spoken words that Zinaji is regretting. Maybe said things wrong way? Zinaji had enough of the back and forth and decided to say something. Said that is just a word, one word. To choose battles, not get riled over such a small thing. And to take the aggression into the battle field if they felt like that. Zinaji got mad at Baza too, he said mean word that was uncalled for. None of us called them names, none of us went to that level at all. Zinaji was nervous but stayed as calm as can be. Was and still feel upset after what Baza said to Elle. And then it just got worse.

Miss Lana looked to Zinaji and said....she expected better from Sul'Tusk. Why is she blaming us for a argument she was starting with Miss Elle in the first place? Picking a argument that wasn't meant to begin in the first place. And on top of that allowing Baza to call Elle a bad insulting name regardless that not one of us spoke the same in return. And all that Zinaji was doing was trying to calm it down. Zinaji got surprise at self when spoke out words....Zinaji expected better from a Leader. Zinaji was feeling light headed, odd taste in mouth again. Zinaji was so nervous, felt like heart was going to leap out of chest. More words were spoken and Zinaji tried to settle it but eventually Miss Lana and Baza left. We discussed it over with the Pandaren, can't remember his name but he was nice. He explaining things and Rock was explaining in return. Zinaji took time to calm down, just breath as the others spoke. Zinaji think there was a understanding before the Pandaren left. Then Brix spoke idea to drop it entirely and we did. Zinaji was thankful for that.

Zinaji was feeling uneasy still, so spoke up that we should go on an adventure. It took a while as we got a few more friends to join. And we had an adventure, it was fun and took thoughts away from Zinaji....only for a while. Zinaji be thinking that Zinaji gone to far. Feel....bad? But know was just sticking up for a friend. Zinaji still bothered by Baza's behavior. Have seen it before but loa, he got a temper shorter then Lina's brother Jang. So Zinaji sitting in Orgrimmar trying to think things through. Can't sleep, feel bothered, feel lots of things that aren't all to good. Zinaji not want to lose friends. Zinaji having a hard time handling this.

Was the last words he written before a random goblin had shown up, the goblin smelt like old burnt cigars and perhaps something that was left baking under a floor mat in the tavern. But the green skinned small male held a good attitude, complimenting on the hat Zinaji was wearing and the goblin was wearing the same black hat. The two spoke for a while and it earned Zin a chuckle or two before the goblin departed to get sleep. As for Zinaji he remained in Orgrimmar for a little longer with his own thoughts.

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