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Darkmoon Mon Adventures! Empty Darkmoon Mon Adventures!

Post by Tribeoftrolls on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:08 pm

The sounds of music filled the air, fireworks going off in the back round way in a distance near the docks would flashes of purple, white, yellow and green be seen lighting up the sky. The smell of popcorn, corn breaded sausages, forest strider drumstick, red hot wings and the scent of baked sweet goods of brownies, donuts and all sorts of cakes could be smelt through out the faire. Jugglers all around that threw sticks of fire, the sounds of exotic animals within their pens along with the cheering and laughter of the crowd. So many people that come to visit, the faire being of neutral grounds where Horde and Alliance are close to one another and kept in check to maintain a peace while on Silas's Darkmoon isle. There was arena battles in the center ring to claim a prize to the victor that defeats any and every opponent that would seek to take the prize. All sorts of other games, from tossing rings, playing with remote tonk toys, whack a gnoll, pet battle contests and more.

Upon discovering this wonderful place Zinaji has joined along to work for the faire by being another form of entertainment. The idea came to him when he won a Darkmoon cloak cape and from there he had Lina'shi sew him up clothing that he described the colors of what he wanted. Lina did her best to create each item. A long sleeve rich purple shirt, a red vest and a pair of pants. The rest Zinaji put together such as the foam sword, the cape and sparkly shades, other times he may use his orange goggles. Dressed in his best and the faire had once again returned, Zinaji walked through the portal with a large smile upon his face. Looking around as he waved toward the visitors that were looking for entertained fun, he made his way to the sandbox where most children gather. The moment the children spotted him, they have gotten to know this peculiar white haired troll was non other then...

"Darkmoon maaaaannn!" Called out many small voices, child giggles and laughter as they rushed over.

Zinaji smiled and dug into his pocket to remove a stack of coupons. "'Ello leetle ones! Darkmoon mon is 'ere to forfill ya' day wit' fun and games!" He announced as he started handing out coupons of half off on tokens and kid meals for each child. "Be sure to show dis to tha' food an' token vendors!" Once he passed each coupon out he would place them away.

"Darkmoon man, we want to sing the song!" Called out one child, soon the rest chimed in.

A light smile upon his features as he nodded. "Okey! Follow Darkmoon mon to tha' merry go round!" He motioned his hand to soon turn and make his way toward the merry go round. Clearing his throat before he began to sing out, a parade of children following him and singing with him.

"A'eaaaad of you....dooown tha' path. A meestical mageekal faire!" The sound of young voices joining along to sing.

"Ignore tha' darken errie woods, ignore tha' eyes dat blink an' staarre!" He walked onward, motioning his hands, tossing up another fire work that erupted having glowing yellow eyes linger above their heads as it slowly faded.

"Fun an' games an' wondrous sights!" He paused to lift his hand up that would ignite of fire, unleashing a fwoosh of flame up into the air that had the children in awe.

"Music an' fireworks dat light up tha' night!" He turned sharply to face the children, tossing up confetti into the air that had the children laughing and cheering when the confetti popped and became sparks of whirling dancing light.

"Do not stop!" He crouched down a little holding his hands up toward the children as he whispered the first three words before singing out loudly as he turned to lead the children on. "Ya' nearly dere! Be'old my friends! Tha' Darkmoon faire!"

Entering the merry go round he nodded toward Kae Ti the Pandaren that sells the tokens for a ride. The female giggled watching the children follow, from following they were soon running to go find the seat they wanted to sit on. From murlocs, rockets, wyrverns and more. Once every child was sitting, Zinaji climbed on board and would stand amongst them.

"Miss Kae Ti!" He called out.

"Let tha' fun begin!" He lifted his hand up, to give the cue. Soon the ride was beginning to move, carousel music began to play and the seats moving up and down or wings would move as if flying. The children cheering and giggling, enjoying the ride.

For some time, just a few more minutes before the ride ended and once more he had children following him. "To tha' bake sweets vendor!" Heading his way once more with the sound of children behind him.

Just as they were half way to the bakery stand, the sound of cackle laughter was soon heard. Some of the children knew who it was, others whom were new to this would react as the others gasped.

"Oh nooo....Darkmoon man, did you hear, did you hear!" One tauren child was tugging on Zinaji's cape.

Zinaji paused and looked back to the youth. He keeping their attention so another comrade can sweep in for his entrance. "'ear what? What did you 'ear?"

Before the children could speak out, the cackle heard once more as a goblin made his appearance after a poof of smoke in the middle of the path. "We face once more Darkmoon man!"

Zinaji full on acting as he whirled around quickly and gasped along with the children. "It's..." He paused as he pointed, awaiting for the children to shout out and without missing a beat.

"Dr. Fiend No Fun! The creator of diabolical inventions!" Called the children.

"Yes...it is I!" The goblin puffed on his cigar, holding what looks to be a gun contraption. "Dr. Fiend No Fun!" The gun would click and begin to make whirling noises.

Zinaji held his arm out to have the children back up. "Dun worry boys an' girls, Darkmoon mon will save tha' day!"

Zinaji would leap toward the goblin who's real name was Boomie Sparks, disguised in costume with a all black top hat and all black clothing with a cape. He normally sells fire works but from time to time he dresses up to entertain the children. With children drawn in, this made more sales for Silas Darkmoon. The children cheered as the two were facing off one another once again.

"You won't stop me this time Darkmoon man, I have created the best invention that will over take this faire! And then I will create the most spectacular faire and the only way to get in, is to pay one hundred gold.....with no fun day passes or half off coupons!" He cackled evily as the children gasped. "I'll mooch off all of my paying customers every coin they got before they leave this 'ere island! And if they cain't pay! Well....then they be subjahgated to the dungeon tah werk it off!" He soon aiming the gun as the children were reacting.

"Get him Darkmoon man!"
"Yeah! Darkmoon man will win!"
"Big meanie!"

They called out and cheered when Zinaji voiced out. "Ya' not get away wit' ya' plans Dr. Fiend!"

Grabbing his wand at his side he would flick his wrist causing a orange spark to hurl toward the goblin, harmless upon impact but Dr. Fiend was on the move. Leaping out of the way, Zinaji chasing him as he flicked the wand each time for the goblin to dodge each one, firing his gun that also unleashed a harmless blast. The children cheering and calling to Darkmoon man's name. The two on the move to just as they had rehearsed, capes flapping in the wind and Zinaji moved in closely as if to grab the goblin. To only get hit with a flash of light from the blast, Zinaji would recoil backwards and hit the ground.

Dr. Fiend would cackle as he jumped on a counter top of a fence. "Say ya' prayers Darkmoon man!" He aiming the gun as it whirled all the more louder, as if charging up.

Zinaji would grab a deck of cards and with smooth motion of his hand to make it seem he flicked a card to go whirling so fast through the air that it would hit on target! Boomie would pull the trigger and the gun would eject out a card at the point end of the barrel, the card seeming to have lodged into the front and with a click of a button, the gun would start to spark and make all sorts of cranking and whirling noises.

"Blasted Plasmo gun! Werk dang nab it!" Dr. Fiend acting as if he was trying to repair his gun in a hurry.

Zinaji quick to roll onto his feet, the children cheering. "Naw more o'your tricks Dr. Fiend! Tha' faire is for fun an' games and you naw stop us from 'avin' fun!" Lifting his hands as if to cast a spell, tossing his hands forward as he spoke out. "Darkmoon powers!"

He paused and looked to the children. "Say wit' Darkmoon mon! All togetha'!"

He then continued his line. "Blast Dr. Fiend to tha' next netha' dimension!" The children knowing this line would call out as loud as they can. With the words spoken and Boomie would press another button to his gun. A bright pink flash of light would seem to consume Dr. Fiend.

"NOOOOOOOO! This is not oveeerrrrr Darkmoon maaannn!" A poof of smoke would cover the area that Boomie was in. He already leaped himself over the counter to hide behind, calling out as if Dr. Fiend had vanished. "I will retuuuurrrnnn!"

When the children awaited to see that Dr. Fiend was gone they cheered and called out to Darkmoon man's name.

"And Darkmoon mon will be 'ere to stop you Dr. Fiend!" Zinaji shouted back as he heard the small voices all around cheering for him.

Turning to face the children he smiled. "Come on! Let's celebrate our victory wit' free cotton candy an' popcorn! Darkmoon mon couldn't do dis wit' out you! You be all 'ero's!" He leading the children away from the area and to the bakery stand, thus just another day of the faire and Darkmoon man saving the day.


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Darkmoon Mon Adventures! Empty Re: Darkmoon Mon Adventures!

Post by Elsee on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:40 pm

Fucking Adorable. <3 ))

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Darkmoon Mon Adventures! Empty Re: Darkmoon Mon Adventures!

Post by minstrelofmyths on Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:15 pm

(( So cute, I feel my tuskies rotting out from the sugar! Very Happy ))

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Darkmoon Mon Adventures! Empty Re: Darkmoon Mon Adventures!

Post by Tegan RP on Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:47 pm

(Super hero Zin! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy )

Tegan RP

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Darkmoon Mon Adventures! Empty Re: Darkmoon Mon Adventures!

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