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Name: Ra'Rhuk
Nicknames: Ra, Rhuk, and Rock.
Occupation: Hired muscle, or Body Guard.
Eyes: Blue
Race: Once Ice Troll. Now, a Death Knight.
Height: 7'8
Age: Time of death 19, he remains perpetually this age.
Birthplace: In the capital of Zul'drak, Gun'drak
Theme song; Red Sorrow by Audiomachine
Motto: " Do not fear death, fear the unlived life."

------ Description ----

He had been young, merely nineteen winters old when he had met his end. His expressions and features may reflect that, such as his muscle tone and other physical attributes. He had high end nutritional values met during life, he seems solid in structure and to be almost at the peak of his potential in mass and height. He is well preserved although muted in coloration he had once held in life. He keeps to his frost presence one may feel chilled if standing close in his company.

His neck had been broken the injury which ultimately had been the cause of his demise. He has a mannerism of twisting of his head to one side then to the next in the attempt to fix what will never be repaired it may be seen at times, as it is a habit. His voice has the typical Death Knight hollow echo accompanied by a gravel like scratch to his tone, this could be due from the neck injury or perhaps residue from his original manner of speaking. His left ear is tattered on the lower edges, as well as his right tusk being broken half way, both incidents had happened after his resurection. His eyes are the typical blue glow of a Death Knight. What his original coloration, such as skin tone and hair color is a mystery unless one inquires about it.

------ Personality -----

He has full memory, his full intelligence, mostly intact humor, although his personality is stunted as if it had cut off before full range of development into maturity had been achieved. He lacks broad spectrum range of control with his emotions, having brief moments of inappropriate behavior. He has the capability to recognize the signs that his responses are faulty and ill received after the fact they have occurred, yet not before hand. He is able to turn the emotions off, to become a stoic like sentinel if the need arises when dealing with social interactions. A good indication of his state of being, is his accent, when his emotional state is current he carries a light one, when they are shut off he lacks one entirely.

He may at times be seen what seems to be speaking with himself, this is not the case.

He at one time was a follower of the loa Rhunok, that is no longer situation due to the obliteration of the loa from this plane of existence, and his current state of being. He carries a log carving which depicts an image of a bear claw surrounded in a large set of fangs, given to him by an associate insistent to have him ' remember'.

Rune Blades; Kan'shou and Ba'kuya.

Pet- Frostwolf pup named Fang.

Father; Zor'atus

Mother; Krena the third mate to Zor’atus, he had been her eldest son.

- Direct siblings to Ra'Rhuk in order of which they were born. -

Zim’artus ( brother ) Deceased fighting scourge

Ta’zin ( brother ) Deceased fighting the scourge

Kuru ( sister ) Deceased, killed by a male in an argument with her mate.

-Half siblings from other mates of his father's. -

Danawa first mate to Zor'atus, children-

Zrill ( brother ) Deceased fighting off the scourge.

Ga’ahnt ( brother ) Deceased fighting off the scourge.

Zor’din ( brother ) Deceased fighting off the scourge. The last of Danawa’s children was born one month earlier than Krena’s first son. Ra’rhuk himself. The two were practially twins, growing up at the same time, and dying with each other in battle side by side. One may hear Ra'Rhuk speaking with him at times.

Marafi second mate to Zor'atus, children-

Gon’gaal ( brother ) Deceased fighting scourge,

Kron’tor ( brother ) Deceased while fighting those opposing Zandalari in the unification of tribes.

Abwa ( Sister ) Deceased while fighting those opposing the Zandalari in the unification of tribes.

Kor’akk ( Brother ) ( Living,)


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