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Post by Tribeoftrolls on Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:13 am

Tumblr- http://zinaji.tumblr.com/
Name-Zinaji (Zin-ah-jee)
Titles- Fireweaver - White Rabbit
Nicknames-Zin - Zippy - Fizzgiz - Tamu - Squirrel(By Rock)
Height- 7'0
Weight- Slim/Light
Race- Ice troll
Age- 24 yrs
Martial status- Mated - Ren'nari and Lina'shi
Children- Twin boys, Safi and Enzi


Standing at seven feet even, his skin coloration due to his fur being of white with an under tone of blue. His fur thicker in layer then a jungle troll, having long tuffs of white fur at his elbows. His entire body is mostly covered in fur and only some areas thin out to visibly see more pale blue skin then fur. His eyes of crimson and his long hair being of white, mostly braided to keep his hair maintained. There are times he has his hair in different styles along with the addition of tribal beading's and other trollish hair decorations. His body structure is slim and gangly, he has gained some muscle tone from his training. Unlike his fellow larger ice troll kin, he is considered small in height and body frame. His tusks small as well, they curl upwards passed his upper lip and just at his cheek bones. The tusks not thin but thick at the base before thinning out at the tip.

As far as clothing goes, he is seen as he is dressed. Sometimes within his Fire Weaver armor attire. Other times he wears his other sets of armor that he has created by hand or gifted as most of his armor is trollish attires. Also wearing normal clothing from time to time, such as his favorite black hat, long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants.

Jewelry- He always wear the necklace Ren'nari had created for him to provide protection as well as a gift. A necklace with bear claws and in the center a bijou coin that has Har'koa imaged carved onto it. Other jewelry such as tusk rings he wears for ritual ceremony purposes.

He has a few scars, large puncture bitten mark just at one of his shoulder blades. Not all to visible beneath the fur but the deeper pivots of the scaring can be noticeable if he isn't wearing a shirt or his long hair not being in the way. Another scar is at his left rib cage, a scar that looks to have been stitched closed.

His body scent is the typical musk scent as a male troll. It tends to heighten depending on emotion or activity. There is also a soft fragrance from the oil he uses on his skin and fur after a bath. This oil gives his fur a softer feel and shine to it. The oil he uses is from a collection of herbs that he or Ren mix together.

Sound of his voice- Is high in pitch, sounding still male. His voice just lacks the usual gravel and baritone bass that male trolls tend to have. Sounding a little on a weaselly high tone side though always carries a warmth to it.

Abilities- Zinaji has trained by Ren'nari's mother to hone his skill as a magic user, finding his potential is that of fire. He has completed his training with maintaining control, tactical quick spells while on the move and how to cast stronger fire spells to cause severe injury or even death against his enemies. Zinaji has proven himself strong in spell casting, the only with draw on using his fire spells is his casting drains him. He becomes fatigue depending how long he has been spell casting or how powerful the spells are. He can become exhausted gradually or quickly, the severity of using to much results in him having an asthma attack or fainting.

As a result to this discovery that Zinaji can only push himself so far, having a limitation. Ren'nari, has and still continues to teach Zinaji the ways of the hunter. Zinaji does not know how to bond with living animals as a hunter is capable of. But he can bond with an animal through his kindness, care and devotion toward Ren'nari's pets or any pet's that Zinaji has taken the time to gain trust and friendship. A slower process but Zinaji has so far raised a few young animals that have become loyal companions.  Zinaji has a knack though to bond with spirited animals, he has earned a spirit snow leopard in which he has named Zuri. From Ren'nari's training, Zinaji has learned how to use a bow, as using this weaponry doesn't require him to cast spells but to focus on aiming before he releases the arrow. As far as Zinaji using a gun or cross bow, he has yet to learn how to use such weapons. A bow seems to be the only suitable weaponry and safe for him to use as well as light in weight. Zinaji is still under going training from Ren'nari.

Back Story- He has grown mentally and some of his mental state has reversed through care by his family, education and guidance. He still has some limitations but that doesn't seem to slow down his usual happy demeanor. With the help of friends and family Zin has become much more.

He still has his moments of distractions, trouble to multitask by focusing on more then two or more tasks or even so much as speaking with someone while others are all around talking at once. He still can become nervous of a situation or as far as being frightened. Still there are areas that he is mentally limited.

But each day he is becoming more then what others thought he would never reach. Saw him as just a lost cause, a simpleton. Zin has proven such statements incorrect time and time again. He has become a loving mate to his family, a father to his children, a capable male that protects and provides.  A kind friend to those in need.

Where he stands now, he would never change a thing to how far he has reached. He is more then happy and content with his life and shall continue on doing his best that he is capable of. As for details of his past, one would simply would just have to get to know him. Zinaji doesn't speak of his past often but if he should due to what he gone through, it's a sign that he trusts the one who is listening.

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